Elevating the impact of Texas’ bioscience industry on innovation, our economy and every day Texans’ lives.

The Texas Healthcare and Bioscience Institute is working to educate Texans and our state lawmakers about the impact the bioscience industry has on our economy, job creation, innovation, and patient access to innovative cures and life-saving treatments.


The new driving force of the Texas economy

Click here to see THBI President and CEO, Tom Kowalski's latest op-ed on the new driving force of the Texas economy.


A burgeoning life sciences industry fosters a spirit of innovation that brings cures to patients, inspires entrepreneurship and bolsters local economies. And while our industry in Texas is robust, it has not reached its full potential; it has faced challenges due to regulation and polices that limit the scope, reach and accessibility of our innovations.


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By the numbers:

  • "The life sciences industry is good for the Texas economy. We contribute more than $3 billion in state and federal taxes annually. Our economic output is $61.5 billion and the average salary in our industry is $110,000. The pharmaceutical sector alone indirectly supports more than 228,000 Texas jobs." Read more about the economic impact here.
  • 3rd most clinical trials of any state
  • Most life science employees in the nation
  • Over $3 billion paid in state and federal taxes annually

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