Policy Meetings

Policy meetings are an exclusive benefit for THBI members. Members have the opportunity to host facility tours, half-day public policy meetings, and networking events. These visits allow for in-depth discussions on the public policy issues impacting our members, their company growth, employees and communities. Discussion topics and venue selection is determined by the member host and relevant public policy attendees.

How does it work?

THBI members have the opportunity to work with the THBI team to coordinate and facilitate the tours. Simply reach out to Meaghan at jhl@thbi.com to begin the process to sponsor and have the opportunity to showcase your company or region's successes in the life science industry.

Our team will coordinate the venue and any other event needs, and will also coordinate participation by legislative leadership and industry experts. We are always excited to showcase our industry, and that starts with you!

Below you'll find a few examples of policy briefings that our members have put together in the past year. Contact our team if you would like host an event!

Previous Policy Meetings

In March of the 86th Legislative Session, UCB hosted a breakfast that was presented by the Epilepsy Foundation and the Purple Warriors of Texas. The goal of this meeting was to educate legislative staff on Sam's Law and seizure education in Texas public schools.

THBI coordinated the invitations to legislative members and staff, venue reservations, breakfast orders, and more. UCB was responsible for the topic and content for the...


During the 86th Legislative Session, Pfizer sponsored a Hallway Lunch with legislative staff to discuss their legislative issues and develop relationships with legislative staff. THBI was responsible for coordinating the logistics of the meal, venue, and RSVPS and Pfizer managed the topic of discussion and content of the luncheon.


On November 8th, 2018 THBI met with industry executives from El Paso and Mexico. The discussion was focused on building the life science footprint and collaborating with city officials, academia, and corporations to build and train a work force to sustain their increasing growth.

Medical device innovation thrives in this region, and the newly formed BIO El Paso/Juarez will be a collaborative force in the Texas Life Science landscape.


On October 31st, 2018 THBI held a legislative briefing in Houston, Texas.

Home of the Texas Medical Center, MD Anderson and JLabs, Houston is the hub of an active and growing life science cluster. BioHouston continues to provide leadership and direction for the region’s continued growth. The Houston briefing included discussions on legislation that will keep Texas competitive, as CPRIT and GURI have yielded. The industry in Houston and...


On October 16th, 2018, BionorthTX hosted a legislative briefing.

BionorthTX encourages development of a rich ecosystem that allows for the growth and success of North Texas life science companies. Collaboration between academic life science centers and industry continue to demonstrate the dynamic ability to innovate and commercialize. Conversations among the round table attendees focused on venture capital, angel funding and how our...


On October 30th, 2018, THBI hosted a legislative briefing in San Antonio with the regional affiliate BioMedSA.

BioMedSA continues to gather San Antonio’s life science leaders and ideas to build an amazing life science hub. Healthcare and bioscience are a dominant force in the city's economy and this sector combines unique assets, diverse resources, and a tangible spirit of collaboration. San Antonio is home to a military base and 31...