Research. Develop. Advocate.

We work to promote effective legislation and a steady regulatory environment at the state and federal levels. With a focus on using advocacy as a tool to create a more favorable business environment for various healthcare entities, we work with government and industry leaders to attract new participants in the life sciences.

Our members not only have a voice at the Capitol through our revered legislative team, but they also benefit from extensive networking in the healthcare space across Texas. THBI is the leading health policy voice in the state, influencing legislation that has led to economic investment and medical breakthroughs for over 20 years.

THBI Leadership

Thomas R. Kowalski

David R. Margrave

Andrea Giuffrida, PhD

Bradley Westmoreland

Richard B. Ponder

Ryan Garofolo

Holli Hill

Jenny E. Jones, M.A.

Kyle Kamrath

Mark Moreno

Amber Pearce

Joan Solem

Holly Turner

Jeffrey L. Wade

Executive Staff

Julie Haeber

Virginia Rothenflue